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Now You Know Don't Get Scammed!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Check Your Sources. Yes the mystery of Mystery Shopping is real. The companies do not send you an email invitation, send you a check, or ask you to pay to be a part of their services. If you have not actually signed up for their services do not and done a job for the company do not cash that check! These are hard times that we're living in and there are people out there looking to take advantage of you.

Some jobs require 20 minutes some may take you as long as 3-4 hours especially audits. You will need at least the minimum requirement a computer, a smart phone, and available internet to download the information provided from the Mystery Shop Companies. Be prepared to spend your own money on a gas shop. It's usually a minimum purchase up to $5.00 required. You will get reimbursed for the shop + the agreed payment for doing the shop.

I must WARN you it is a lot of work. If you don't like writing reports, reading long instructions, downloading pics with your cell phone or notebook and following instructions. This is not the job for you. When you apply you will submit to a background check. As a mystery shopper you are an independent contractor. You will electronically sign a contract not to disclose the company names that you mystery shop for, because you are working for the third party company, that the company hired to perform the service.

If you or your teenager wants to make a little pocket change or extra money towards that perfect gift for the holidays. Note: This is not an endorsement and I am not sponsored by the below listed companies. I just like to share my experiences with others. Below is a list of my go to companies that I have personally used over the years. I still get request asking me to do job even though I haven't Mystery shopped in a long time. I have audited major companies, fast food places, restaurants, gas stations, jewelry shops, banks, department stores, gyms. cellular companies and coffee shops. These are only a few of the jobs. There are so many to choose from. I would make upwards of $15.00 to $125 per job.

These companies are amongst my five favorites to work for.

  1. Second-to-none

  2. Marketforce.

  3. Bareinternational

  4. MaritzCX

  5. intelli-shop

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